Monaco Collection

The Luxury Black Monaco Kitchen

The Luxury Black Monaco Kitchen is a modern sexy twist on our traditionally made cabinetry. Styled with polished chrome handles and accessories and high end appliances. Sliding pantry doors create large, accessible storage spaces. Dresser cabinets provide easy access storage for crockery, cups and glasses.

Design Features

  • Sliding Glass Door Pantry

    Our sliding glass door pantry is perfect storing and displaying crockery, tableware and serving dishes.

  • Wolf Range Cooker

    Iconic and flamboyant. The Wolf Range cooker has 6 high powered gas burners and a hot plate on its range top cooking area. The two built in convection ovens have a range of cooking features to suit even the most adventurous cook.

  • Quooker Classic Polished Chrome

    Functional yet elegant. The Quooker Classic pairs perfectly with the Belgrave handles in this kitchen design, both in a matching polished chrome finish.

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