Sub-Zero Wolf - Showroom Experience

Sub-Zero Wolf - Showroom Experience

Our design team have been lucky enough to have not just one, but two visits to the superb subterranean Sub-Zero Wolf showroom in Knightsbridge, London. 

In December we had the opportunity to take part in a Christmas Dinner cooking lesson with Professional Chef Elliot Johnson-Paul. Elliot demonstrated the excellent M-Series professional oven and combination steam oven and his own expert recipes for the perfect Christmas Dinner. All the attendees got to take part in the food prep and cooking, learning the right way to chop carrots and make tasty Brussel Sprouts. We finished the day with the best Christmas Dinner we've ever tasted. One of our designers commented

"I've always considered myself a decent cook - but my Christmas Dinner for 2023 was the best I've ever cooked after Chef Elliot's teachings!"

Chef Elliot can be found at JP_Dining. We look forward to seeing him cooking for some of our clients later this year. Learn about future cooking events at the Knightsbridge Showroom here.

Our second visit to Knightsbridge in January was a culinary treat with food prepared by Master-chef finalist Olivia Burt. Olivia cooked superb Salmon Risotto using the Wolf combi steam oven. We definitely had more than our fair share of the portions going! Pictures of the mouth watering salmon and chocolate brownies below. You can find Olivia's amazing cookbook here

As a venue for clients to experience appliances first hand - Sub-Zero Wolf have definitely nailed it. We are looking forward to inviting our own clients considering a Wolf or Sub Zero product to their Knightsbridge showroom to experience their appliances first-hand.

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